About Shadstone Associates
Shadstone Associates, Inc. is a privately held business with quality relationships in China and the United States. It was established to provide American manufacturers an easy entry into Chinese manufacturing & assembly.

Many large American manufacturers have been taking advantage of the lower labor and materials costs for years, however, certain barriers have made it cost ineffective for small to mid-size American manufacturers to capitalize on this new emerging manufacturing center.

Doing business in China can be daunting. Shadstone Sourcing takes the mystery out of doing business in Asia for the small to mid-size manufacturers. Language, cultural, legal, and political barriers are a challenge. However, Shadstone Sourcing will make your experience in the Chinese manufacturing arena a profitable one!

Managing Executives
Michael Michelini has extensive knowledge in integrating technology and supply chain management. Since earning his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Engineering from Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, NJ – he has worked in finance, technology, web design, and built supply chains between international borders. Having grown up in Hartford, CT – he worked at a local machine shop in CAD design, purchasing, and quality assurance positions. He welcomes conversation and enjoys creating efficiency in global markets.

Alan Kaufman is an experienced businessman that never holds back on his sharing of business experience. His “real world viewpoint” and vast network of business partners is astounding. He has a passion for helping small businesses succeed and is excited with each new client that joins. An invaluable partner for any business, Alan tells it like it is and treats your business as if it were his own. His services can be found on Arkk.com

Melissa Zhu has a degree from Shenzhen University in China majoring in English. Working in the office in China, Melissa is responsible for negotiations and various translation projects. Relied on for many of the operations, Melissa is a key player in the company

Our Network of Offices
Shadstone Associates, Inc. and its strategic partners keep offices in the following cities:

Port St. Lucie, Florida
Flat Rock, North Carolina
Shenzhen, China
What Shadstone Stands for
There are a few interpretations of the name Shadstone at the company. The best way we present it to the public is such:

“Shad” represents Shadstone as being the shadow of one’s business – we will work closely with clients in sourcing quality goods that are crucial for that business’s overall success – and yet that client’s end customer will never see or hear the Shadstone name.

“Stone” represents Shadstone as the rock, the foundation for our client’s overall profitability and success. Our performance is based on the success of our client base….as in today’s international business world, one cannot only exist to survive…but to THRIVE! Shadstone Sourcing will be the rock that you can come to rely upon.