Why do business with Shadstone?

We realize you may be considering other sourcing companies to find the products you’re looking for, right price, right quality. The following points show why Shadstone Sourcing is your clear choice!
  • Shadstone Sourcing makes buying overseas a seamless part of your domestic manufacturing. We are a USA based company that makes it easy for you to work with overseas manufacturers.

  • With Shadstone there’s no risk of inferior components. Samples are provided in advance and production runs do not begin until we have your signed approval. The quality of our component is guaranteed to be equal to or greater than the quality of the approved sample.

  • Our network of manufacturers is 100% quality driven. Each manufacturer has put into place a quality assurance system specifically designed to meet or exceed your expectations every time.

  • Time is money. We make sure the product is delivered on time to meet your production schedule. Long delivery times overseas can be frustrating and can cause a loss of sales. Most lead times are six to ten weeks after receipt of your purchase order.

  • Our prices are extremely competitive. We operate with low overhead and work with a low profit margin on sales so our prices are extremely competitive.

  • We handle all the paperwork and clearing of US Customs, which are included in our prices. There are never any hidden charges. The price on our quotation is the price you pay except for inland freight from the port of entry to your destination.

  • We have a proven track record with companies like yours.

  • We maintain personnel and offices overseas to manage and coordinate our production, shipping, administrative requirements, and the most important thing: the quality of your orders.

Get Your Sourcing Defined

Sourcing – Strategic process of identifying, conducting negotiations with and forming supply agreements with vendors of goods & services.

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