Forms, Contracts & Documentation

Find all the forms, contracts, and docs here to begin and foster a business relationship with Shadstone Associates, Inc.!

To further strengthen our relationship and trust with our clients, Shadstone Sourcing leaves the decision of the client to document legal contracts between counterparties. We at Shadstone Sourcing Associates feel that if the client so desires such paperwork, they are a well informed client in which we will gladly open a business relationship with. If you have any questions or concerns on these documents, or would like to make specific revisions to any, please do not hesitate to contact us!

NDA – Non Disclosure Agreement

NCA – Non Circumvention Agreement

  • Contract in Text  Please review and print these documents and once satisfied, contact us and we’ll promptly review and submit the completed documents back! Again, we want to demonstrate the benefits of dealing with a sourcing agent that is on your side, and will back it up with legal documentation! Thank you!