Shadstone Sourcing Services
Over time, the team at Shadstone Associates, Inc. have dealt with many different client’s requests. We have broken down our services in the following way: product sourcing, operational logistics, and new invention / concept to design. Also, please refer to our forms and documentation page to pass this information along to us.

Product Sourcing
Let us source a Chinese manufacturer or supplier and see if we can be price competitive! Prices can be as low as half to 75% off the cost you are paying now (if labor intensive and you’re currently using domestic suppliers)! We can price our services to you on a performance basis or we can do specific projects for you on a fixed fee basis.

Raw, Assembled, or Milled Product Manufacturing Process
Electronics – Consumer Electronics & Industrial Electric Components
Garment Assembly & Fabric Manufacturing
Logistics Outsourcing – End to End Operations Management
Already did the research, found the supplier, but not sure how, or frustrated with dealings of the payment, ocean freight, customs clearance, freight delivery? Let us be your full service one stop shop! Shadstone Sourcing will be the neutral 3rd party that represents your company when buying, clearing, and delivering your goods. Our network of freight, customs brokers, and freight forwarders will save you time, money, and a whole lot of headache!

New Inventions – Product Concept to Design
Have the next big idea, but unsure of how to make it a reality? From the concept to design to manufacturing, Shadstone Sourcing will assist you along the whole process! Please be prepared with prototypes, CAD drawings, as well as a solid marketing plan. We can aid on these pieces, but be aware these processes must be completed BEFORE sourcing and pricing can be researched.