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To allow more Chinese companies and individuals more access and smooth entry into the U.S. market, the Shenzhen-China based FOBLC (Shenzhen) Co, Ltd and the United States SHADSTONE ASSOCIATES INC. Companies launch: “The U.S. B2C websites and networks construction services”, our U.S. B2C websites and network construction Service agents include the following:

1. U.S. B2C website construction, we will provide the U.S. style B2C Web site, the U.S. hosting, domain name registration, merchant accounts, and other supporting services.
2. U.S. B2C website promotion services, we will use SHADSTONE company strong technical force, the construction of U.S. B2C website promotion, to help customers faster access to the U.S. market customer base.
3. U.S. B2C network construction, we will help customers build their own B2C logistics support system, we will use Shenzhen Tian Jie strong global agency, to help our customers goods from China to the United States warehouse, and the unity of the product by the U.S. warehouse delivery direct to the customer hands.

Shenzhen Tian Jie and the United States SHADSTONE will build all the benefits of both forces, to help our customers to complete construction of U.S. B2C websites and network services to all sectors, from construction of websites to the network to promote, to the transport of goods to customs clearance services, from collection to the settlement We will be one stop shop for the customer to complete their order

Why choose our “U.S. B2C websites and logistic services”?
Shenzhen Tian Jie is a set of agents has a strong global freight forwarding and import and export agent of the company, while the U.S. SHADSTONE has a domestic USA network service and Internet marketing company, Shenzhen Tian Jie, exports, transports, customs clears and other services can provide substantial savings for customers, while SHASTONE company has successfully operated a number of U.S. B2C Web site, on the U.S. market and very good control capabilities to help customers faster and more efficient to open the U.S. market.

What is the difference between U.S. B2C sites compared with the Chinese B2C websites?
Because of cultural differences and the different national systems, Americans love online shopping, as long as they see the goods, the United States are not going to consider this site is a scam, they will directly buy first!  This is thanks to the United States strong legal protection and the B2C market is very mature.

In China, many individuals of B2C Web site find it difficult to conduct business, largely because the Chinese people visit a Web site, the first consideration is that the other party is a liar. Chinese people only believe that some of the larger companies such as Alibaba and so on, and because the network B2C Chinese law is not very stringent specifications, which creates many undesirable elements in the sale such as counterfeit fraud.

And therefore, in the United States we provide great B2C market penetration, so as long as you have a quality product and U.S. demand, they are likely to shop on your website.

U.S. B2C websites and networks Success Stories: bar supplies store in New York

This is a business of the United States by the SHADSTONE B2C website, all products are from China after Shenzhen-day Czech Republic to the United States from the warehouse, as SHASTONE the site had a very good web promotion, currently the site of more than 1,000 people a day visit , and with a good reputation and fast service, customers continue to accumulate, in the B2C site, customers in the B2C website as long as the orders, and direct payment by PAYPAL or credit card, while the warehouse in the United States will receive from the Network invoice issued by the U.S. warehouse staff will be the first time, arrange courier or other delivery means deliver goods to customers hands.

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