Display Racks – Best Price & Best Quality Direct from China!

Dear Potential Partner,

If your business is like so many of our clients, you are feeling the effects of the “China manufacturing” phenomena. We are working with a couple of clients like you and are looking to selectively partner with quality companies and help them succeed.

The display rack & fixture products we’re focusing are the following:

  • Gridwall Display Counters – Versatile & Effective.
  • Jewelry Shelves – Where Delicacy & Detail are Most Important!
  • Metal Wire Shelving – Stackable, Portable, Lightweight.
  • MDF Wood composite Displays – MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard or MDFB) Extremely Versatile Material we Enjoy Manufacturing.
  • Slatwall Fixtures – Stylish Design & Unique Look.
  • Countertop Displays – Portability Comes in Handy.
  • Retail Wall Shelving – From the Standard to Customized
  • Glass Displays – Lets the Product Sell Itself.
  • Reading Card Racks – Highlight the Detail of Your Products
  • Display Cases – Counters – Lockable or One Way Door.
  • Hat Racks – Baseball Caps to Designer Top Hats.
  • Clothing Hanging Racks – From Wide Frame Window Display to Compact & Portable.We specialize in display fixtures; therefore a custom display fixture for your company is always welcome! We can do any work in metal and wire cutting, bending, fabrication, casting, forging, extrusions, precision mold making & injection molding.Whether you are losing business to larger competitors who are already outsourcing to China OR you’re unsure if you are capitalizing on your existing Chinese manufacturing relationships, we’d like to help.Our strength is being able to give small to mid-sized manufacturing operations an alternative manufacturing source in China. Our family-owned, or “friends of the family” facilities will provide you with honest pricing, dependable output, & top quality standards.We would like to propose a NO RISK scenario to you. Let us source some samples (or drawings) of your display fixture and get some preliminary pricing. If it looks like we’re in the “ballpark”, give us an RFQ. We would like to become your partner and give you a competitive edge in the display rack product.

    Please fill out the form below, and expect a call from us within the next few days.


    Shadstone Limited


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