Professional Help for Importers of China Products

If you want to import products from China and are facing one or more of the following problems:

  • You want to import brand name products (often fakes) that you are not allowed to import
  • You already have an existing business and want to import your products by yourself to cut out the middleman but don’t know how to find the right suppliers
  • You know search engines like Alibaba , Global Sources etc., but may not trust their selection and get stuck
  • You don’t know how to approach suppliers efficiently and how to ask the right questions to get results
  • You don’t want to invest your money in expensive Far East Business Trips but need somebody of your confidence to do your job in China instead
  • You know that you may be in trouble if you don’t have a quality control system in place, but don’t know how to solve that problem
  • You really want to make money from your importing, but lack the knowledge to do it successfully and don’t know whom to ask for help
  • You need assistance during your first import activities but are all alone by yourself
  • Since you are lacking the knowledge, you may be too naive in your dealings with experienced Chinese companies and may be ripped off without even knowing it

Then you should move over to WebMediaBiz and see how they can help you.

They have just launched their new Membership Program For Importers Of China Products and if you join them you will get access to following resources that will help to solve most of the before mentioned problems:

  • Receive all of their seven eBooks about Importing from China free of charge. Value US$ 136.50
  • Receive two weeks of free consulting services as indicated below. Value at least US$ 560.00
    • Import strategies assessment for individual customers
    • Help with finding and selecting profitable products
    • Help with finding suitable and reliable suppliers in China
    • Help with negotiating prices and terms
    • Help with establishing direct communications between customers and suppliers in China
    • Help with setting up a reliable quality control management
  • Receive instant advice using their secure live-chat box for private communication with members
  • Engage with other members, asking questions, sharing ideas, and building on everybody else’s experience and expertise in their WebMediaBiz Forum
  • Access to fixed fee inspection services (w/o any extra travel or accommodation charges) covering whole China. Controlled by experienced European management. Service can be booked online from anywhere in the world.
  • Access to low-priced 3D Container Load Program that will continuously help you to reduce freight charges
  • Access to real-time, low-priced Landed Cost Calculator that allows you easy, instant cost calculations for your imports from China.
  • Receive extensive information about the advantages of Drop-Shipping. Special videos and links to the world leaders in the USA and China are included.

·         Receive constant up-dated information about events in China that are essential for importers

·         All their other services, that we did not mention here, as for instance help with factory claims, factory audits, etc. are also available to you upon request. Please contact them for further details.

Their membership fee of US$ 199.00 for a full year period is a bargain for what they are offering to their members.

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