Scrap PCB Boards

About the scrap, I would like to show you some pictures which came from Japan, Europe, Indonesia and China mainland.

What we need the mobile scrap (without battery) is no limited with module, manufacturing date, or function, you can see from the picture, any mobile phone will be ok. The more the better. Quote in Ton.

And the computer scrap should include: mainboard, IC, Chip, memory stick, finger board. You can also see them from the pictures which I attached below. Quote in Ton.

And here I also attached a Proposal of PCB Scrap Dismantling for you. My partner’s company also can provide the related service in China.

Now we offer two ways for business:

1. Related department of each country pay for the PCB dismantling and destruction. Customer can watch every step through the camera in real time. A recognized destruction certificate will be issued by the recycling factory for verification.

2. We buy from those companies who collected scraps.

Do you have excess, used PCB Stock? We have China buyers for laptop PCB, and all various other electronic PCB printed circuit board pieces, so contact Shadstone today!

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