TT Dollars to Provide a Full Set of Foreign Exchange Collection Services

Shadstone has professional agents who receive foreign exchange, T/T, U.S., and do foreign exchange services.No professional import and export rights for domestic enterprises, received foreign exchange T/T, U.S., and foreign exchange services.

Why Shadstone?

1. Fees are low.

Our company provides a very low standard procedures.

2. Settlement speed

Our company credited the account at the same day that can be completed in the reporting and settlement of all the formalities.

3. Transfer speed.

General corporate transfers may take 3 days or a week to complete the transfer, no later than 2 banking days. Transfer of more than 3 days, no more charge for the Secretary contract agreement.

4. Safe operation.

Contracts are signed face to face for regular company operations and corporate direct contracting. Integrity can be found on specific companies to request our company information.

5. Operational flexibility.

Our company can provide a variety of ways to transfer, and eliminates the middle part of the majority customer trouble.

6. No limit on the amount.


1. Small and medium enterprises, import and export companies factories and enterprises without foreign exchange income.

2. Long-term use of personal account foreign exchange income T / T of the individual trade or factory

3. Hong Kong offshore company settlement, long-term operation of the company through this way.

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